Reasons Why Stay Home Parents Say No to Volunteering Tasks

When you quit from your job anytime and stay at home, people think that you are jobless and they take you for granted for anything they want from you. People think they have enough free time to spare for them. You may be the first person to ask for buying something from shop, paying the bills, picking kid from school etc. When you are willingly volunteering to such things for others, be sure that you don’t cross the limit of volunteering till the extend that others take you for granted. Rather you can invest your time and energy for something productive and from which you can earn a decent amount of money. By this, you will not get bored too.

If you are someone going through this issue, then there are ways that you can say a No to people who ask you to be a volunteer for something they want, not you want.

Here are 13 reasons how you can say NO to them:

  • Completely avoid being a volunteer that you really don’t want to be. If you enjoy doing a job, you can always choose to do it.
  • If you are asked to do something you don’t want, Simply tell them a “No” without giving any reasons.
  • Understand the fact that you are not obliged to anyone to serve him or her with a reason for your No. Hence, don’t give a reason to anyone for your disinterest.
  • There are certain people who exploit your willingness to help them. If you once help them by volunteering, such people will surely approach you next time and tale you for granted thinking you are obliged to help them.
  • When you are out of the volunteer list, believe me, you will get time to think about options to making money and being productive in your free time.
  • Also, you will get time to invest for your family and loved ones when you are free from unwanted volunteering.
  • Most of the time, you are trapped in volunteering that gives you less options to work at home and earn money from it
  • Search for different work from home options in which you can engage in. This will help you to get out of volunteering.
  • Tell people you are engaged in some productive things and don’t have time to spare for them.
  • Use your time to support your kids in their studies to do their homework and projects. However, too much involvement in their school matters is not a healthy practice too as by this, you are taking away kid’s ownership and independence in their studies.
  • Take some time for your own health and beauty treatments. You can take your spare time for doing yoga, exercises etc
  • If you are having free time, you can also think about restarting your buried hobbies like cooking, reading books, gardening or anything that you are passionate about
  • Be organized and make a daily routine packed with important things in your life and less time for volunteering for others, which you are not interested in.

Staying at home does not mean that you have to stay idle. There are many work from home opportunities both online and offline which will help you to get involved in your free time and also to earn a good amount of money from it. A few of such work from home jobs include freelance writing, selling online, internet marketing, blogging, affiliate marketing, online consultant etc.

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