Picking the Next Best Booster Club Fundraiser

clubPicking the right booster club fundraiser isn’t always easy. You already know that book fairs, bake sales, and car washes are popular ideas to get some money flowing towards the booster club fund, but what do you do when you’ve done all that and then some?

Here are some creative ideas to kick off your next booster club fundraiser:

1) Candy Grams

Grams are a naturally great choice because 1) kids love candy and 2) kids love gifts, especially from friends (and maybe even a secret admirer?). Candy grams are little gifts where children can pay $1 or so and write on a piece of cardstock to send to a friend or teacher at school. There grams work best during times of holiday – such as Christmas or Valentine’s day – where friends can send each other notes of appreciation, or even celebrations and performances –such as a Talent show – where grams can be sold at the event to parents who can use them as an extra motivator or piece of good luck.

2) Recyclables

Not every parent is able to donate money or buy something that their kid is selling so why not have a recyclable drive? And what better is it to promote sustainability to children in a fun way! Since everyone has a few recyclables lying around, parents can make an activity out of finding and separating plastic bottles around the house and at school to turn in to the Booster club.

3) Water Bottles and Other Promotional Items

Playing around the playground can seriously get exhausting, and nothing is more refreshing on a hot day then a splash of water. Ask parents and local businesses to donate bottles of water, and then sell them to students for a dollar or so each at the end of brunch, lunch, of after-school. Encourage teachers and playground supervisors to set up recyclable bins so those water bottles can go towards another Booster club fundraising effort!

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