NGO Can Get More Funds By Shop For A Cause Idea

charityCharity is one of the divine things that we all believe one should do. Most of us contribute to different charitable institutions to give their support for those abandoned people in the society. However, charity now has become a sort of business and many such charitable institutions defraud people under the name of charity.

Due to this existing practice, now many people are restricting themselves from giving for charity. This has become a threat to the genuine charitable institutions to raise funds and support the needy orphans under their roofs. Many people are confused on choosing the right charitable institutions.

Hence, it has become difficult for charities to gather the funds required for their operations. To source enough funds there are different options that a charity can try out. One of which is to collaborate with any commercial company in such a way that when a person purchases any product from the company, a certain percent of the product price will go to the charity. This will be also a part of corporate social responsibility of the company, which they will also benefit out of such deals.

In today’s time, for every effort people put in, they think about some benefit out of it even when they give charity. A charity can think about this option to make people buy something for a cause. In this way, a nonprofit organization can ensure that more people are interested to give away charity in this form as they think their money is gone for something good and not in vain.

Here are a couple of ways you can avail more funds through collaborating with a company, by making people buy products for a cause.

Choose shopping sites to link your website

After choosing the company with which you are collaborating, then the next step is to link your charity website with the shopping site of that company. The company you have selected can do this. You can choose any company that is in to selling a varieties of products. It can be shoes, clothes, and electronics and so on. The process is simple. A customer approaches your website through the shopping site. When he comes to know that by buying the products will go for charity and he is donating to your site, there are more chances for the customer to buy the products as he feels that buying from here is a twin benefit. He gets the product he wanted and found an opportunity to contribute to a charity.

Encourage people to shop for a cause

You need to promote the tag line “Shopping for a cause” all through the year. It is widely seen that most charities promote this idea only when there is a peal season like holidays. However, if you are looking for a regular fund from these shopping sites, then best option is to promote them all the time. You can think about different promotional activities like sending newsletters to the existing customers, sending emails with promotional offers etc. The more creational your promotional activities, the more fund you can raise from increased number of customer purchases. Moreover, you can always collaborate with multiple shopping sites to raise funds all throughout the years.

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