Get Parents Pumped for Fundraising

FUNDRAISING-minIt’s easy to get kids excited about fundraising. Just show them some cool prizes and they are pumped up and ready to sell. But the kids aren’t the ones doing the selling. Parents are also active fundraisers — Mom and Dad take it to work, collect and keep track of all the money, and make sure everything gets turned in on time. The kids aren’t the only ones deserving of a reward. After all, parents love a good prize, too.

Here are some tips to get parents on board with a school fundraising cause:

Set a concrete goal

If parents know how much money needs to be raised and what the money is going towards, they are going to be much more likely to participate. The best strategy is to break it down by item. Ask the fundraising company you are working with to do the math for you. Tell them how many kids are participating and how much money you need to raise. They will be able to give you a rough estimate of how many items each child needs to sell. Also, make sure that parents know what the money is being used for and be as specific as possible. When parents can see how their child will directly benefit from the money raised, they will be more willing to participate.

Provide Parent Incentives

Fundraising companies often provide prizes to the students for how much they sell. But these are mostly toys that are intriguing to kids and not to parents. When you take control of your own fundraiser and begin offering incentives in addition to what the fundraising company offers, your sales will sky rocket. For example, you could give away a TV to the top selling family or have a drawing for it.

Keep talking about it!

Send home flyers leading up to the sale, send home reminders during the sale about goals, incentives, and turn it dates, and talk about it with the kids every chance possible. If it is a PTO sale, have the school make announcements daily, if it is for a sports team mention the sale at the end of every practice and game. Just keep talking about it!
You can also get parents excited to use edRover, and have them get pumped to fund raise for their kids’ school with the touch of a button!

And that’s the easiest kind of fundraising.

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